The Cheboygan Long Lake Area Association is made up of 7 Districts around the lake. They are:

    District Map

  • District #1. From Hayes Rd. (OffLittle Canada Dr.) to 5276 Hiawatha Dr.
  • District #2. From 5276 Hiawatha Dr. to and including Nakomis Trail.
  • District #3. From 4938 Hiawatha Dr. to 4696 Hiawatha Dr. including Nokomis Trail.
  • District #4. From 4696 Hiawatha Dr. to 4664 Hiawatha Dr.
  • District #5. From 4664 Hiawatha Dr. to, but not including, E Beechwood Drive.
    This includes Long Lake Rd, Yams Rd., Beacon Lane, Yates Rd., Michakewa, and
    Camp Walden Dr. and Rds.
  • District #6. From E. Beechwood Dr. to end of Norway Trail, including Wylie Rd.
  • District #7. Agnes Rd., Manning Rd., and Lakeland Dr.