Welcome to the Cheboygan Long Lake Area Association



This site is dedicated to the preservation of the ecosystem of Long Lake in Cheboygan, MI. Bringing together the residents of the area and giving a voice to all members. The Cheboygan Long Lake Area Association (CLLAA) exists to protect the quality and quantity of water resources in Long Lake and its watershed; to provide a forum for discussion and action on lake-related issues; and to influence positive growth and development while preserving the quality of life for all lake users. CLLAA serves the best interests of lake area residents, recreational users and businesses.

CLLAA members receive valuable and interesting information through our quarterly newsletters, email communication on current and critical issues, access to our comprehensive website and an opportunity to network with other members, area elected representatives, and agency personnel at our annual meetings and various forums.

If you are a permanent or part-time lake area resident, recreational lake user or lake area business, we encourage you to join the Cheboygan Long Lake Area Association and support our efforts “for the sake of the lake.” You can use the “Click to Join” button shown below to join, renew your membership, or to simply make a contribution to CLLAA